Friday, March 12, 2010

Sick in Love and Truly Obsesed with Alexander McQueen's Final Collection

Ahhh this collection left me breathless, all that came to mind was Byzantine Empress Theodora with her maginificent medieval embroidered and drapped dresses full of bright patterns and precious rocks.

Seeinh his collection was like time travelling to the mediavel ages but at the same time, he maintained beaultiful modern and simple silhouettes so that it wouldn't,I'm assuming, overpower the emboidery, colors and patterns of the garments. It makes me want to go back in time and live in the 5th century Roman Empire or the Elizabethan era, or since I can't really do that, maybe just read a William Shakespeare novel.
Of course his last piece was a brilliant golden feather gown with a tulle skirt that made me die for a moment. Reminded me of "Queen Elizabeth: the Golden Age with Cate Blanchet whoom I adore, I can't even remenber the number of times I've watched this movie, I just adore it, she was perfect for this role, no one else could've played this part the way she did, and the costumes ahhh no comments.

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  1. Wow theses dresses are amazing! He was sucha genius, like you said..this really took us back to mediavel ages. The golden feather gown is really a dream.. quero um! Nice post nega =)


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